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Strawberries / ITALY

The company “Ama te Stesso” was born in Peveragno, a small town in the Cuneo area, located in lower Piedmont region, from the passion of the Brunetti family that every day grows, collects, and dries local fruits and vegetables with care, love, and attention to every detail. The company philosophy is based on respect for our bodies and health as well as on a passion for both the countryside and its fruits: “Eating is a necessity; eating intelligently is an art…” said F. de la Rochefoucauld, a French writer and philosopher. This philosophy is reflected both in the name of the company itself and in its products, as the process dehydrated fruit and vegetables are subjected to by “Ama te Stesso” respects both raw materials and tradition: indeed, the whole process, from picking to packaging, is done by hand in the family workshop where the magic takes place. Fresh fruit and vegetables are picked, washed, cut with ceramic knives or slicers to prevent oxidation, and then dried in low-temperature ovens for many hours to keep its flavour, colour, scent and taste as close to the fresh product as possible. Peveragno is nationally renowned for the growing of small fruits and in particular for its strawberry, a small fruit featuring a sweet taste and unmistakable scent. The Brunetti family can always count on the help of Michele, a historic collaborator who has made strawberry growing his greatest passion. Although today Michele has retired, in Beinette he continues to devote his time to making sure that the tradition remains alive.

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