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Apricots / TURKEY

For our natural dried apricots, with their characteristic dark colour, we have chosen Turkey and more specifically the Malatya region. Indeed, this region is the best area, where the varieties of fruit most suitable for drying grow. Here we work with Gabay, a company that, in the heart of Turkey, grows and sun-dries a particular variety of apricots with a firm texture and low acidity. The peculiar characteristics of the fruit, combined with a hot and dry climate, an altitude of 900 meters and an important temperature change between day and night, create the right conditions to obtain the best dried product. The city of Malatya lives mainly on agriculture, and apricot orchards play a fundamental role in the country’s economy. The importance of apricots is also underlined by various monuments and references to the fruit that can be found along the roads of the chief town.

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