Ourcommitmentto employees

An ethical company

  • Training and development

    Training is for us the key tool for developing and enhancing competences, competitiveness and responsible innovation.
    We periodically analyze the training requirements of our employees and develop specific training courses for their needs. A journey that starts from the first day of work through onboarding that helps new employees to become part of the company.

  • Young and informal working environment

    Euro Company wants to offer its employees a young, well-curated, comfortable environment. The business and managerial style is informal and there is easy access to business leaders. It’s a young environment, where the average age of staff is 40 and there is a strong female presence at just under 60% of the company’s staff.

  • We believe in the importance of an ethical yet challenging environment

    That is why we have established a results award, which employees can receive as they choose, either tax-free directly in payroll or through an online platform where they can purchase goods and services.
    The objective is to give maximum recognition to the best work performance.

  • Ossigeno Pills

    We organize free courses on correct balanced nutrition, healthy lifestyle, child nutrition, sports and exercise. The courses are open to all employees and involve the participation of nutritionists, pediatricians and experts from a variety of disciplines.



  • Commit to Quit

    “Commit to Quit” is a 100% company-funded project that supports employees and their families who want to quit smoking by offering courses held by institutions specializing in anti-smoking policy. Because employee health is our priority.

  • Additional parental leave

    Given the importance that Euro Company attaches to family values within our company, the company offers all new fathers three additional days of parental leave on top of statutory leave, all completely at the expense of the company.

  • Permits for voluntary work provided by the company

    All Euro Company employees have 8 hours of paid leave per year to volunteer at an association of their choice.

  • Environmental education

    The environment is our home and the goal of Euro Company is to encourage a positive behaviour.
    The following projects have been set up for this purpose:

    • Community Day: together with Italy’s environmental movement Legambiente, our employees are involved for a day on environmental education, during which they will clean our parks and beaches of plastic
    • Ecological laboratories: activities designed for employees’ children to make decorations and objects from recycled materials
    • Green energy promotion: training linked to the promotion of renewable energies and incentives for electric mobility.

  • Libellula Project

    Euro Company is a member of and participates in the initiatives of the Libellula Project, a network of companies committed, each in their respective areas of operation, to promoting a culture against gender violence by fostering appropriate language and forms of respect.

Large and small benefits

  • Filtered water

    Euro Company is running this project to encourage sustainability via a network of filtered water fountains in its working environments.
    For it, each employee is given a steel water bottle.

    1 tonne

    Plastic consumed less in a year

    0 €

    The cost for the employee

  • Coffee beans

    Sustainability and waste reduction are a commitment in even the simplest and most ordinary activities.
    That’s why at Euro Company we introduced coffee machines that use beans and whose only waste product is coffee grounds, which are 100% compostable.
    All 174,000 coffees (yes, altogether we drank that many in 2018!) are provided by the company free.


    Eliminated coffee capsules


    The cost for the employee

  • Laundry service

    At Euro Company there is a laundry service that, thanks to our collaboration with 1oraLastor, can offer delivery and pick up of employees’ garments to be washed, ironed or mended directly at the company.
    The service can be used by all employees for both work and personal clothing. It is thus possible to offload some of the household chores and have more free time to spend on more enjoyable activities.

  • Benefits and special deals

    There are numerous special deals with local services, such as gyms, shops and other commercial activities.

  • Frutta e Bacche Logo

    Discounts on FruttaeBacche.it

    All employees can benefit from big discounts on the products purchased on the Euro Company’s Frutta&Bacche ecommerce site, regardless of type or quantity.

  • 730 Compilation Service

    Euro Company provides a free service to assist in the compilation of tax returns – a task that can often prove complex and for which it aims to provide practical support to all employees.

Our plans

  • New multipurpose centre

    Euro Company has started work on the constuction of a new multipurpose centre. The offices will be built to the latest standards in terms of well-being, comfort and lighting, ensuring employees have plenty of green open spaces. The new centre will have a gym, wellness courses, and relaxation areas where employees can take a break.
    The new centre will also include a recreational area open to the wider community based on its belief that companies cannot ignore their social and economic role.

We adhere tothe UN 2030 Agenda

Subscribed by the Member States, the Sustainable Development Agenda sets 17 Universal Goals to be achieved by 2030 to combat hunger and poverty, combat climate change and promote social and economic development.

With our commitment to consumers, we contribute to the achievement of 7 of the 17 aims set.

Our commitment continuesLearn more.

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“Non è un FORMAGGIO” - Nuovi prodotti sostitutivi del FORMAGGIO a base frutta secca
Progetto cofinanziato dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale nell’ambito del bando Regione Emilia Romagna POR FESR 2014-2020 “bando per progetti di ricerca collaborativa e sviluppo delle imprese” – DGR 773/2015 e succ. mod.. IMPORTO DEL CONTRIBUTO CONCESSO: euro 197.994,23 PERIODO DI SVOLGIMENTO: maggio 2016 – ottobre 2017 DESCRIZIONE: Il progetto consiste nella realizzazione di un prodotto di tipo nuovo sostitutivo del formaggio nelle diete vegane, vegetariane e nelle diete per intolleranti al latte e alle sue proteine. Il prodotto realizzato anche mediante l’utilizzo di latte estratto dalla frutta secca avrà caratteristiche organolettiche molto simili a quelle del formaggio ricavato dal latte, ma sarà di origine vegetale. OBIETTIVI: 1. definire il trattamento ottimale a cui deve essere soggetta la materia prima per ottimizzare resa, qualità nutrizionale ed organolettica del prodotto finito 2. assicurare la realizzazione di un prodotto agroalimentare sicuro 3. intervenire sulle tecniche di conservazione del prodotto 4. individuare il packaging ottimale 5. offrire sul mercato un prodotto salubre e sicuro in grado di rispondere a cambiamenti di tipo culturale e alimentare RISULTATI: Il progetto ha lo scopo di realizzare prodotti fermentati innovativi, a partire dalla frutta secca, indirizzati a consumatori vegetariani/vegani/intolleranti. - messa a punto delle condizioni ottimali di processo - innalzamento delle caratteristiche di stabilità e sicurezza alimentare - studio e la messa a punto di tipologie di imballaggi