La nostrafiliera

Cocco / GHANA

In 2011, HPW built west Africa’s largest dried fruit production plant in Ghana with excellent levels of Quality Assurance. In Ghana, HPW strives every day to improve the working and living conditions of all its workers and has considerable influence on the country’s economy. Currently, near a thousand workers at the plant are provided with two meals a day, transport to and from work, and health insurance. In addition to job creation inside a business structure that is stable, reliable, and able to guarantee families financial security and stability, the company is constantly carrying out local projects such as the construction of wells, schools, canteens and facilities for the workers such as a nursery where the employees can leave their children during working hours. HPW actively supports local producers certified by Fairtrade who supply the company with fresh fruit that is then processed in plants using mainly renewable energy sources. In addition to solar energy, a biogas plant fuelled by organic and production waste is used to generate electricity and heat for the plant.

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